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Vehicle Tracking

Solutions for locating and managing truck fleets, car fleets, bus fleets, motor cycle fleets, service and delivery vehicle fleets, etc.

Asset Tracking

Battery powered solutions for locating and managing trailers, generator sets, construction equipment, roll-off boxes, frac tanks, etc.

OEM Telematics

GPS M2M Telematics solutions for large enterprises, custom telematics, international /VAR /OEM deployment.

How Do I?

Step-by-step process detailing how to go about deploying a Fleetilla GPS fleet management solution to manage your fleet better.

about us

Based in Trenton, Michigan, Fleetilla is a global provider of vehicle tracking, asset tracking, cloud-based GPS fleet management and other telematics solutions. Our products and solutions are used to manage car fleets, bus fleets, truck fleets, delivery vans, install and service vehicles, mobile generator sets, construction equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, yard equipment, roll-off boxes and other mobile resources. Our solutions are deployed in a wide variety of industries such as construction, distribution and delivery, HVAC, long haul trucking, oil and gas exploration and production, security, etc. Fleetilla's solutions are deployed in many different and challenging locations around the world, by leading global corporations. Deploying Fleetilla's solutions reduce operating expenses for fleets of all sizes while enhancing customer satisfaction and revenue.