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Want to manage the Fleet by exception?
Want to get alerted via e-mail when there is an issue?

Using Fleetilla's 'Alerts' system, this can be easily achieved. There are over 40 Alerts that can be configured for each vehicle. Alerts are sent to the designated contacts via email when pre-set conditions occur. The table below lists some of the Alerts that can be configured for each vehicle

Alert Type


Arriving or Departing a Specified Location Alerts

Sends an Alert when vehicle arrives at or departs from a specified location

Zone Violation Alerts

Vehicle has entered or exited an excluded Zone. Alert sent multiple times to indicate a violation condition

Ignition On, Start, Stop, Ignition Off, Moving, etc. Alerts

Various vehicle conditions that can be used to trigger Alerts. Can be restricted to occur at specified times only (Illegal usage during the night, etc.)

Idling Alert

Vehicle is in an idling situation (Engine On, not moving) beyond a pre-defined time period

Speed Alert

Vehicle has exceeded this pre-set speed threshold

J-Bus Alerts

Alerts based on information from the J1708/J1939 vehicle bus - Over RPM, Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration, Crash, etc.

Temperature Alerts

The attached temperature sensors have exceeded pre-set thresholds.

Sensor (PTO/Door/etc.) On/ Off Alerts

An On/Off condition has been detected on the Sensor input line - can be used to indicate PTO usage, door open/close or other simple trigger conditions

Battery Alert

Vehicle battery voltage below pre-set threshold.

Maintenance Alert

Pre-set maintenance threshold (based on mileage, operating hours, etc.) has been reached.

Antenna Open/Close Alert

GPS Antenna is either Open/Closed - Possible tampering condition

Power On Alert

Device has been power cycled - possible tampering condition.

Towing, Orientation Change Alerts

Detects vehicle towing condition, change in orientation, etc. Require optional equipment.