Assign multiple users and user types to meet fine-grained security and visibility needs


Employees throughout your enterprise may need access to asset location and usage information, but not in identical ways. With Fleetilla’s solutions you can define and customize such roles as…


  • administrator with system-wide access
  • supervisor with access to daily asset operations
  • normal users with access to one or more module
  • contacts who only receive emailed alerts and reports


Fleetilla’s flexibility and fine-grained password security let you define and enforce your organization’s rules of access with precision.



One data, multiple views

att userstatus

Different users may require the same type of functionality (view latest history, receive alerts, etc.) but may need access to different sets of data (North or South only, trailer or gen sets only, etc.). Fleetilla's systems allow you to define the assets/asset groups that each user can access.


Restrict access to specific date ranges, IP addresses

fms restrictdate

Fleetilla gives you the flexibility to set access privileges by IP address (office, manager, on-site, etc.), by specified time or date range, or by specific modes (mobile or fixed).

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