Easy to use, intuitive, real-time tracking

FleetFACTZ Desktop Mobile

With Fleetilla’s FleetFACTZ web-based solution, track your vehicles at any time and from anywhere. With a simple, uncluttered, easy-to-use interface, FleetFACTZ can present the current positions of an entire fleet or the path taken by a specific vehicle or vehicle group. Drill down using various views (map, satellite, street view, etc.) to recreate a specific vehicle's activity at a designated time via the 'replay' mode.


Configure alerts for rules and exceptions.

fms addalert 02


With Fleetilla's web-based vehicle-tracking system you can preset a variety of business rules and exception conditions:

  • exceeding of set speed limits
  • exit/entry of designated areas
  • start, stop, ignition on/off, idling, or RPM thresholds
  • no activity reported
  • unauthorized usage

Based on your preset criteria, alerts are instantly generated and sent directly to designated personnel via email/SMS/etc.


Detailed and Summary Reports, useful for the whole organization


Fleetilla's vehicle-tracking solutions make reporting easy, from the detailed activity of a single vehicle or group to the summary activity of an entire fleet. Reports also provide a snapshot of fleet activity for upper management or other designated parties (accounting, customer support, etc.). Reports are available in many formats (excel, pdf, etc.) and can be automatically emailed to designated personnel at pre-determined intervals.


Dashboards provide snapshots of the entire fleet.

dashboard sm w shadow


FleetFACTZ provides easy-to-use, intuitive, graphical views of whole-fleet operations. Compare operating parameters such as distance traveled, fuel efficiency, operating time, and idle time for each vehicle within the fleet. Set thresholds for normal operating ranges and instantly note deviations.

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