Benefits of our OEM Solutions:

No upfront capital costs

Instead of spending millions of dollars upfront on hardware, cloud, application and other components needed for creating a connected-device solution, deploy in a matter of days with a pay-as-you-scale cost structure

Localizable per you needs

Our platforms can be easily localized for language, maps, etc.

Your own brand

Provide a solution with your own branding in a matter of days

Custom connected device solution

Leverage the end-to-end expertize of a partner to create your own custom connected device hardware and/or application

Massively scalable

Eliminate the system performance challenges associated with rapid growth and build your offering on a massively-scalable-on-demand platform

Wireless connectivity everywhere

Deploy solutions that provide cellular and/or satellite connectivity anywhere in the world

OEM/branded/white label solutions that can be quickly deployed

Are you a cellular carrier, vertical-business solutions provider, equipment leasing/rental organization, international business or similar entity? Do you have an interest in deploying fleet telematics, asset tracking, remote monitoring, or other connected-device, IoT, or M2M solution in your target market?

Fleetilla can help you…


  • develop the right business model for your country, region or industry vertical
  • provide the necessary connected-device hardware and cloud-based management platform
  • source and integrate custom GIS/Map information
  • provide global/local wireless connectivity arrangements
  • deploy and operate a connected-device/IoT/Telematics business in your sphere of expertise



oem integrate puzzle

Enhance your application/solution offering by integrating wireless/telematics/GPS/sensor information

Do you have a software application targeted at a specific industry vertical (HVAC, Delivery, Utilities, Oil Field Services, Equipment Rental, etc.)?

Does this application deal with the accounting and/or management of mobile assets, equipment, sites, etc. in some manner?

Enabling your application to seamlessly display and manage location, status, fault conditions and other details of vehicles, remote mobile assets, and equipment can tremendously enhance the reach and functionality of your solution. Fleetilla has created the infrastructure so that software solution providers with specific vertical/industry expertise can combine our rugged hardware, reliable cloud-based services, and wireless connectivity to deliver seamless, powerful, connected-device solutions to the end customer quickly and painlessly.


Customize a connected-device solution

Are you a large enterprise or equipment manufacturer? Do you require custom hardware and a cloud-based platform solution for deploying your unique connected-device/IoT initiative?

Fleetilla can…

Design and develop custom connected-device hardware, firmware, and application. We have expertise in…

  • embedded engineering
  • cellular and satellite wireless technology
  • GPS, motion and environmental sensing
  • short-range wireless /BLE
  • ultra low-power, battery-powered electronics
  • RF elements, antennas
  • scalable cloud architecture and hosting
  • GIS, maps integration

 Pilot these through the regulatory/carrier-approval processes (FCC, PTCRB, C1D1, ATEX, etc.).

Provide a customized version of our connected-device platform for operations and management of deployed devices.

oem connected device
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