How Do I Deploy a Fleetilla Solution?

contacticon21. Contact Fleetilla

Enter your contact information into our contact form and one of our sales representatives will contact you soon.

FL950 Flex2. Select Hardware and Monthly Plan

Purchase the necessary Asset/Trailer Tracking Hardware and sign up for a monthly subscription plan.

att install icon3. Install Hardware in Mobile Asset

Attach the unit to the top or side of an asset with a high bonding adhesive (3M VHB) or with screws and a mounting plate. The all-in-one device design ensures a fast and simple installation process.

fms loginfleetorb34. Login to Web System

Login to Fleetilla's web-based asset tracking and management system using your assigned account ID. Configure your account.

fms howdoi manage25. Manage Your Assets

Receive Alerts (about exception conditions in the field) and Reports detailing asset activity via e-mail. Also, track your assets anytime, anywhere using a web browser, from a PC, or a Smartphone.

Questions?   Contact or call Fleetilla at 734-995-5100