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FleetFACTZ is our free app, specially tuned for smart phones and tablets and available in the IOS and Android app stores. It provides essential fleet information for the out-of-the-office supervisor who needs access to current fleet operations data. Like all Fleetilla products, FleetFACTZ is easy to use, intuitive, and uncluttered. Fleetilla also provides a browser-based website optimized for hand-held viewing. Manage your fleet on the move with Fleetilla’s mobile solutions.

Android app on Google Play



View current vehicle location


On the fly and on the road, FleetFACTZ Mobile is intuitive, easy to navigate, and always available.


View vehicle history


Drill down and get the path of a vehicle for better routing decisions.


Street views, alerts, and many other features


Flip to the street view mode for clearer information about the vehicle's location (a great feature for recovering stolen vehicles).

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