Fleetilla Connect

Fleetilla Connect - a web service API Interface to Asset Location Information

Managing your trailers and other assets without the need to install software is one of the many compelling benefits of fleetOrb9. However, you may have a need for integrating real-time trailer/asset location data into your dispatching, trailer and equipment leasing, rental management and/or ERP systems. You can accomplish this seamlessly with Fleetilla Connect interface. And we’ve made it simple. With Fleetilla Connects interface, integrating trailer/asset location data into your existing software systems can be done in hours instead of months. Fleetilla Connect is open and built around industry-standard conventions and protocols. With the documentation and sample program that we provide, you’ll be up and running quickly.

Fleetilla Connect is an optional service available to those who need to integrate Fleetilla data into other programs in real-time. Whether you use Fleetilla Connect or not, Fleetilla's simple and intuitive web-based fleet-management system (fleetOrb9) is available for all your needs.

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What is Fleetilla Connect?

API Integration puzzleOrganizations often have a need to integrate trailer/asset location and usage information with other programs such as dispatching, fleet management, yard management, RFID and warehouse management, supply chain visibility, trailer and equipment leasing, asset accounting and/or logistics management. Fleetilla Connect uses web services API to integrate real-time tracking data from the Fleetilla website into your most important applications.

Do I need to use Fleetilla Connect to use the Fleetilla system?

No! Fleetilla's web-based, real-time trailer/asset-management application provides plenty of features and tools for you to manage your fleet without installing any software on your computer and without any IT staff. Fleetilla Connect is needed only if you want to seamlessly integrate trailer/asset location information into your accounting and other business systems.

What level of expertise is needed to use Fleetilla Connect?

In order to use Fleetilla Connect, you will need someone with reasonable experience in developing Internet applications. This person must also be familiar with the 'target system' that receives the data via Fleetilla Connect. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have the right personnel, contact Fleetilla to explore the possibility of providing you with programming/consulting services to undertake this project.

How long will it take to develop the necessary interface to receive data via Fleetilla Connect?

Fleetilla provides all the documentation and sample/skeleton code required to get started. An initial application that queries the Fleetilla website and receives data can be ready in a few hours (sometimes under an hour). More sophisticated applications and interfacing plans may take longer.

What type of information can be obtained by using the Fleetilla Connect service?

Fleetilla Connect can be used to retrieve every position update sent by the wireless GPS tracking devices mounted on your trailers/assets. Each position update contains the following basic information:


  • Unit ID/Trailer ID/Name – Identifies the trailer/asset sending the position update
  • Update Time – Identifies when this position report was generated
  • Latitude & Longitude and similar information – The geographic co-ordinates of the position of the asset
  • Speed & Direction – Asset speed and direction, derived from GPS
  • Street Address – Approximate street name/address of asset location
  • Battery Meter and Voltage – State of the internal battery
  • 24-hour High/Low and Current Temperature
  • Usage Information (Movement time, number of movements)
  • Asset Orientation (X/Y/Z ) Information


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