Deploy a custom, branded, connected-device solution in a matter of days, not years.oem brandedbanner2

If you are a vertical business-solutions provider, equipment leasing/rental organization, or international business looking to quickly deploy a robust telematics/Iot/connected-device solution, look no further than Fleetilla. Our solutions are re-brandable, extensible, localizable, and highly configurable for your unique target market.


Robust hardware, massively scalable applications, engineered for a solid business foundation

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Your connected-devices offering is only as good as the foundation it is built on. Our hardware solutions are built to last and designed to overcome the most challenging operational conditions: coverage, heat, cold, vibration, power, and tampering. And our web systems are built on modern, highly scalable cloud platforms. Together, these provide a robust and innovative foundation for your connected-devices solution offering.


Experience and maturity that you need in a trusted partner

oem trustedpartnerDeployed on every continent and in the most punishing operational environments, Fleetilla’s systems have consistently delivered the kind of robust reliability that our customers demand. That they stay with us—many of our first customers are still in partnership with us today—says everything about how we consistently meets those demands.

Whether you are a cellular carrier, leasing /rental organization, solutions provider, or international business, Fleetilla has the comprehensive solutions knowledge to guide you through that next initiative or deployment – no matter how complex the operation, no matter how challenging the environment.


Solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, using many different form factor devices

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  • Our solutions work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Our solutions can be accessed using a variety of operating environments – Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iOS, Android, etc.
  • Our web-based solutions support all major modern browsers – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE



Solutions that can be quickly re-branded and localized

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Fleetilla's FleetFACTZ connected-devices platform can be easily re-branded to display your unique logos, corporate colors, and themes. Menus, Help, and other screens can also be configured to reflect your local language, units of measure (miles vs. KM, degree F vs. degree C, etc.) and time-zone conventions.


fms maplayersCustom maps/GIS support

Your business vertical or target deployment area may require map information that is not standard in commercial, off-the-shelf solutions. Fleetilla can enhance these by providing as overlays detailed maps for a country/island/region, pipeline data, oil field locations, campus/plant maps, or other information relevant to your geography or industry.


Extensive features to manage your customer accounts and your connected-devices business

Our cloud-based platform meets the needs of a service provider…


  • create new customers, master accounts, etc.
  • provision/de-provision new devices to specific customer accounts
  • look at detail to troubleshoot a specific device

 fms accesscontrol

Daily, weekly, and monthly reports highlight…


  • how devices within your pool are performing
  • who is using your system
  • what devices/customers require attention


Set up different billing plans and export files to accounts-receivable systems for periodic billing of customers


User hierarchies to meet your unique deployment and operational challenges


Whether you are a vertical/regional telematics solutions provider, security agency, equipment rental operator, cellular carrier, or OEM equipment manufacturer, our solutions can meet your operational profile and deployment needs. Using operational profiles such as Solution Provider, Group Service Bureau, Master Bill Account, etc, you can meet your unique organizational needs and service-delivery profiles by controlling data visibility, system functionality and bill-payment responsibility within an account and across a group.


Multiple, international-carrier gateway connections

oem wirelescarriers

Fleetilla has established VPNs and other network interfaces with multiple international cellular and satellite providers. These allow us to provision/de-provision wireless devices seamlessly, as well as receive device data in a secure and robust manner. As a Fleetilla solutions provider, you can leverage these established connectivities and relationships, while deploying the solutions in your target segment.


Hardware designs that address many different connected devices categories

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Fleetilla has a broad selection of connected devices that meet unique market needs…


  • Vehicle-tracking devices permanently wired to commercial vehicles
  • Long-life-battery-powered devices for assets with no source of power
  • Waterproof designs for external, harsh environment installation
  • Vehicle bus (J1939/OBDII) integration, temperature, current, voltage, and other sensor accessories for remote monitoring
  • Cellular, satellite, short-range wireless, and other connectivity options



Cloud-based, purpose-built application-delivery platforms that address the functionality needs of many target verticals


Fleetilla's cloud-based applications address the needs of many target verticals…


  • Fleet management & dispatching
  • Security agencies
  • Asset tracking, Trailer Tracking
  • Remote monitoring of sensors
  • Mobile Workforce communication and management
  • Enterprise integration of mobile data




To learn more, check out the Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, and Remote Monitoring sections of this website.

Questions?   Contact or call Fleetilla at 734-995-5100