Send and receive messages to a wide variety of mobile equipment

fms communicatedevices

With Fleetilla's unified messaging module, free-form messages can be sent and received using a wide variety of mobile equipment – smart phones, feature phones, simple SMS-only phones, tablets, desk-top devices, vehicle-mounted devices, etc. Messages can be sent to individuals or a defined group, or can be broadcast to all. Our web platform provides a simple and central point for facilitating communications between the central office and field personnel.



fms comm calendarManage work assignments for field personnel

Assign jobs to field personnel by dragging and dropping jobs/tasks on a calendar-like planning tool. Jobs assigned to a specific employee are instantly visible on his or her mobile device (smartphone/tablet or display device attached to vehicle-tracking hardware). Manage simple dispatching and job assignment tasks more effectively with this module.


Design simple data-capture forms

Using the fleetFORMZ module, fleet administrators can design a variety of simple data-capture forms (field sales details, delivery data, fuel purchase, etc.) with a wide range of fields, field types, input ranges, and other validations. These forms provide a convenient and structured method for systematic data capture from the field.


fms comm phone

Update job status, collect data

Using smartphones, tablets, or vehicle-mounted display devices, field personnel can update the status of assigned jobs. They can also enter and upload data pertaining to specific data-capture forms designed by fleet administrators.


Analyze & report data collected

With a wide variety of available reports, managers can analyze job assignment and completion as well as data collected via data-capture forms. Data from the deployed data-capture forms can also be exported to other systems for further analysis or processing.

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