Many sensors, interfaces, and accessories that can enhance the solution

fms accessories

See beyond location and usage information. Our solutions allow for the remote monitoring of data from a variety of sensors and actuators. Simple On/Off switches that indicate whether an engine, chiller, or pump is running or not as well as more complex, SCADA-like systems that provide input/output temperatures, pressures, levels, or similar information can be monitored.


Sensors &Actuators

Temperature sensors

rm tempicon2These easy-to-wire, temperature sensors allow for a variety of operating temperature ranges and accuracies. Fleetilla can also provide temperature sensors with NIST-traceable calibration data for unique applications.

rm sensor

Multiple temperature sensors can also be daisy-chained in a simple-to-deploy installation scheme.


Humidity sensors 

rm humidicon2Multiple humidity sensors or temperature+humidity sensors based on 1-wire technology can be connected in a daisy-chained arrangement to a single Fleetilla remote monitoring/telematics unit.


J1939/OBDII interface modules


These optional accessories allow you to monitor and report on equipment operational data such as fuel flow, oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel efficiency, fault codes, and more.


Analog voltage and current inputs

rm voltageicon

Integrate into our reporting scheme nearly any industrial sensor with analog output. Analog information such as pressure, level, valve open/close position, etc. can be derived from many commercially available sensors and transducers. These third-party accessories typically report data as either current (4-20 ma) or voltage (0-10v, 0-33v, etc.). Our analog input modules make integration with these accessories seamless.

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