Easy to use, intuitive, equipment monitoring

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Track and manage your equipment at anytime, using solutions from Fleetilla. With our simple, uncluttered, easy-to-use interface, you can view the latest locations, status, fault conditions or sensor readings for all of your equipment, or drill down and get historical information for a specific piece.



Configure alerts for rules and exceptions.

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With Fleetilla's web-based system you can preset a variety of business rules and exception conditions:


  • exit/entry of equipment from designated areas
  • events such as start, stop, ignition on/off, idling, etc.
  • temperature, pressure, other measurements outside preset ranges
  • fault conditions detected
  • no activity reported
  • low battery levels


Based on your preset criteria and current equipment operational data, alerts are instantly generated and sent directly to designated personnel via email/SMS/etc.


Detailed and summary reports—sensor readings, job-site activity—useful for the whole organization

Fleetilla's solutions make reporting easy – from the activity, usage, and sensor readings of specific equipment or remote site, to the summary activity of an entire operation.rm sensorreports loupe 03 Reports also provide a snapshot of equipment usage and activity for upper management and other departments (accounting, customer support, etc.) who may not have direct visibility into fleet operations. Reports are available in many formats (excel, pdf, etc.) and can be automatically emailed to designated personnel at pre-determined intervals.


Dashboards provide snapshots of the entire operation

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Fleetilla solutions provide easy-to-use, intuitive, graphical views of whole-fleet operations. Compare operating parameters such as fuel efficiency and operating time between different types of equipment. Set thresholds for normal operating ranges and instantly note deviations.


Equipment operations details and sensor data, archived for years

rm cloudvaultAn effective equipment tracking and management system involves much more than reporting current location and status. It is also a means for digitizing and storing important equipment operational data. By storing your data and keeping it available for years in a robust, cloud-storage, back-end system, Fleetilla can preserve the power of your data while eliminating the hassle of record keeping. Whether you’re conducting historical analysis on equipment usage or answering investigative queries about activity on specific equipment or sites, Fleetilla can keep the data from years past at your fingertips. Contact us for details.

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